Don’t lose touch as a ‘Software Architect’ in 2022

  • Make and mandate long-lasting architectural decisions and guidelines
  • Continuously analyze and upgrade software architecture, paying back technical debt
  • Mentor developers
  • Have oversight as to what’s important for businesses, navigating politics along the way
  • Broadens, deepens and renews their own knowledge, as the industry grows at a rapid rate

You’re a developer first, make sure of that

  • Try new or different technologies with developers
  • Consume content surrounding software development. This can be in the form of courses, YouTube videos, conferences, webinars, etc.
  • Hobby development projects

Humble yourself

  • Allow room for inclusion in major architectural decisions. Try to foster developer consensus around your technical decisions.
  • Allow developers to be autonomous and make their own decisions and mistakes. Make a balance between risk and learning opportunities.
  • There will come a day when a developer surpasses you in some aspect. Embrace it. Help them on the way up!
  • Speak enthusiastically about your job. And theirs.
  • Take more responsibility, give more credit

If you design it, you should be able to build it

Get your hands dirty

  • For greenfield projects, bootstrap the teams with a Walking Skeleton
  • Write Architectural Unit Tests or other fitness functions for your projects
  • Take part in peer reviews
  • Refactor code for better design
  • Write some new functionality


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Ryan Susana

Ryan Susana

I like code, chess, reggae & hip-hop. 🇸🇽