Learning Functional Programming with Scala

Why Scala?

Week 1

Overall Syntax

Everything is an expression

Functions, Blocks & Lexical Scope

Def vs Val


Pure Functions


Tail Recursion

Week 2

Higher-order Functions


Functional Sets

Week 3

Traits, Generics, Classes and Objects. Huh?!

Week 4

Decomposition vs Pattern Matching

Pattern Matching List

Week 5

Huffman Encoding


Map, Filter, Reduce

Credit: https://thenewstack.io/dont-object-ify-me-an-introduction-to-functional-programming-in-javascript/

Week 6: Scala on the Cloud

Used Functional Programming principles


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I like code, chess, reggae & hip-hop. 🇸🇽

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Ryan Susana

Ryan Susana

I like code, chess, reggae & hip-hop. 🇸🇽

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